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No more dreading the scales – with Gen2 KoreScale you can find out your true weight!

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Did you ever find losing weight an uphill battle? Did it ever seem that no matter how much you exercised or what kind of diet you took, the weight just wasn’t dropping? Don’t worry – it might be perfectly normal! Don’t just look at your weight number as an indication of how healthy or unhealthy you are – regular scales don’t show the full picture. That is why smart scales with bio-metric sensors are making their way into everyone’s homes, and the best of them is KoreScale G2. First-generation KoreScale was immensely popular, and now they returned with a device that will completely reform your health and fitness journey!


Tracking your body composition and fitness results has never been this easy! In just three simple steps, you can discover things about your body you never even considered before:

  • Install the FeelFit app (it’s iOS and Android compatible). Then step on the scales, barefoot, for both devices to link.
  • When 0.00 appears on the screen, it means you have succeeded! Now simply pair both devices using Bluetooth.
  • That’s it! Now every time you want to know your weight or biometrics, simply stand on the scales for 10-15 seconds and check your freshly uploaded data.

If you want to know if that new diet is working or simply love to see physical proof of your muscle-mass increase – simply step on KoreScale G2 and view your results on your phone screen!

But that’s not all – KoreScale G2 can also be paired with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health apps to provide you with the most extensive data of your health and fitness.


  • BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate can show you how many calories your body burns just to survive. The higher the number, the ‘faster’ your metabolism is. Knowing it, you can adapt your diet and physical activity to match your body’s needs.
  • Protein: getting too much or too little protein can contribute to weight gain. By knowing your protein levels you can adjust your diet and achieve better weight-loss results.
  • Metabolic age: the closer this number is to your actual age, the better. But don’t worry if yours is higher – choosing healthier food options and increased physical activity can help you drop that number.
  • Weight: with so many available biometrics, one can even forget that KoreScale G2 is, at its core, a body scale. It means that you can check your total weight, too.
  • Body fat: perhaps the most important indicator, the body fat index, shows how much of our total weight is actually fat. If your percentage is low, then you’ll know for a fact that there’s no need to worry about your weight.
  • Body water: another contributor to our total weight is our body liquids. KoreScale will show you how much of your body is just water.
  • Muscle mass: muscles are heavier than fat, hence why it is so important to see what percentage of your body weight is pure muscle. And if you’re someone who exercises regularly – this might be the most important biometric of all.
  • Bone mass: all of us have a unique bone structure, so the saying “thick-boned” is absolutely true. KoreScale G2 will let you find out how much of your weight is just your bones.
  • Visceral fat level: another important indicator in terms of your overall health is the levels of fat that surround your internal organs. The larger the amount – the more likely that you will experience overall health-related issues. All change begins from knowledge, so don’t be left in the dark about this important metric.
  • Skeletal muscle: this indicator shows if your body is aging too fast for the normal rate and if you should take any precautions when engaging in strenuous physical activity.
  • BMI is something everyone is familiar with. But it’s useless without the overall picture. Explore your Body Mass Index together with other biometrics to get a clear view of your body’s composition.
  • Fat-free body weight: the most feel-good indicator will show you how much you would actually weigh if you were excess fat-free. It will make it easier for you to set up the desired goals or simply feel good about your current readings.
  • Affordability: smart scales, while extremely handy, are not very cheap. However, KoreScale Gen2 comes with great discounts that are too good to miss.


Do you even have to ask? Why beat yourself over the number when it may not even be correct? Get KoreScale G2 and find out what your weight truly encompasses. It’s an extremely handy household device that will not only help you during your weight-loss process but will also come in handy for people who try to live healthier and build their muscles. From weight-loss to general well-being – KoreScale Gen2 is a must-have in every modern household. Don’t risk your health trying to get yourself into some unattainable shape – know your body first with KoreScale G2!


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KoreScale G2 is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.